The crisis as a chance

Use this opportunity to make lasting changes.

It is especially during crisis situations that our customers use performance management instruments, in order to make better decisions based on the additional, improved transparency they provide:

  • Which products and customers burden the portfolio with negative profit margins, or don't even cover variable costs?
  • Which resources at your disposal are not being used to capacity, and to which level can they be reduced?
  • Which service levels are over-populated, and which services can be optimised?
  • Which operating costs are too high in a sectoral comparison (administration, shared services)?
  • Which top priority services and core skills must be retained through the crisis phase?
  • Which projects bring no added value during the economic crisis, and which can be postponed?
Die Krise als Chance

During the crisis impulses are given which may be overlooked during the daily business of running a company. The crisis offers a unique opportunity to use the heightened pressure to economise, by subjecting each and every initiative, cost structure, and approach to critical scrutiny, as well as questioning and analysing old thought patterns and decision-making structures. With a well-founded performance management – especially the process-based calculation of Activity-Based Management – alternative scenarios can be realistically simulated, and decisions can be made on the basis of facts.
Use the situation to critically analyse your strategy, redefine your goals, and constantly question and monitor the success of your new direction using differentiated factors – that is, to routinely adjust decisions made based on the resulting success.
Successful businesses in your market are already focusing on established performance management!
We provide you with the instruments to implement this expanded form of controlling, and thereby offer you an integrated and comprehensive business overview, in unprecedented, up to date detail. 


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