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Only a few airlines worldwide have succeeded in making profits during recent years. This downturn was at its clearest in freight turnover – in this area experts charted a two figure percentage drop. Europe is also not looking at a good profit forecast in this year, remaining with a 2.8 billion dollar loss the only region still in the red. The reasons for this can be found in, among other areas, the consequences of the flight ban as a result of the volcanic ash clouds and in strike waves.
The extremely high pressure of competition amongst airlines demands increased efficiency in all airline areas of activity. Airports and airport service providers face  challenges posed by meeting heightened demands and providing customer-specific and future-oriented solutions in diverse fields in a crowded globalised competitive market. These complex, multi-dimensional challenges require that management makes use of decision support systems. Effective cost management and expanded controlling can give a decisive competitive advantage. An innovative software solution which can identify potential optimisations is essential for this. With the ABM Method from Aurich und Partner AG, you build a corporate model which enables genuine Performance Management. Cost factors as well as resource usage are examined in their originative context together with the business processes. In process optimisation alone, potential savings of 20% are not the exception – they represent the lower limit. The Corporate Model enables not only the ex-post evaluation of operational flight services, but also ex-ante simulations for strategic planning. With this Performance Management instrument at your disposal you can optimise processes, enhance profitability and as a result increase competitiveness. Management is thereby able to develop future scenarios based on facts, and to make strategic decisions swiftly and effectively. You receive:

  • complete cost control,
  • process optimisation,
  • transparent success factors,
  • profitability of products and services,
  • online reporting,
  • scenario analyses,
  • cost-benefit analyses and an
  • improvement in strategic control processes.

Aurich und Partner AG is a partner of Lufthansa Consulting and provides solutions for airports, airlines and airport service providers. We have extensive experience and
satisfied customers in the aviation business. Fraport Cargo Services, with over

  • 400,000 tonnes of air freight per year,
  • 32,000 individual flights,
  • 420,000 considered special services,
  • 1,030 different cost positions and
  • 184,000 cost allocations

uses Activity-based management from Aurich und Partner AG to optimise processes, to allocate indirect costs according to their origins to the services provided to customers, and to calculate prices per service level. The business model thus created provides multi-dimensional evaluations using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Capacities and degrees of utilisation can also be optimally controlled. This can lead to a significant increase in profitability. Winfried Hartmann, Managing Director of Fraport Cargo Services GmbH, says: „Our Activity-based Management (ABM) model is an unprecedented tool for planning and optimisation processes. With ABM we achieved transparency and uncovered hidden costs. Since we began using ABM, we can identify in detail areas of profitability and non-profitability. ABM added great value to our company.“

Use our competence in realisation and implementation for the restructuring and optimisation of your processes and organisation.