Foundation Usthi

There are many people in need of help: it's important to start helping.


The Aurich and Partners AG takes its social responsibility very seriously and in recent years supports the Swiss foundation Usthi. In India and Nepal foundation Usthi is active for more than 37 years successfully for children, young people and women from the lowest social classes.

Near the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, the Foundation, with the support of donations has built a home for orphans, which is open to all religious communities. The children are growing up in a large family group, which is led by loving and committed local professionals. Regularly the children attend English-medium school in their area. With a successful graduation of these children have one chance to live an independent and self-determined life.

With a financial contribution from the Aurich and Partner AG supports this orphanage in Hyderabad, currently 40 children living in the happily together.

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