Training in the Aurich und Partner Activity-Based Management Method

How can I conduct an activity-based allocation of indirect costs?

How can I recognise and exploit the potential for optimisation and output reserves?

How do I identify loss objects?

Our training will familiarise you with the Aurich und Partner Activity-Based Management Method. You will gain insights into the analysis and optimisation of business processes, the direction of resource use, and profit maximisation.
Experienced trainers support you in identifying and exploiting your potential. Practical, realistic examples and a team-oriented approach swiftly acquaint you with the subject matter and so help you expand your knowledge.

Training Module

Training components:


Chapter 1: Activity-Based Management (ABM)

• What is ABM?
• ABM – why and when?
• ABM project phases
• ABM success examples

Chapter 2: Process structure

• The process structure's objective
• Requirements of the ABM-relevant processes
• Influencing factors
• Determining cost-drivers

Chapter 3: Analysing activities

• Defining activities
• Activity attributes
• Activity analysis

Chapter 4: Processing and evaluating data

• Data cleansing in the cost centre
• Grouping cost types
• Defining resources
• Allocating costs to resources
• Allocating resources to activities

Chapter 5: Design of ABM calculations

• Traditional value flow
• ABM value flow
• ABM attributes as a guiding mechanism
• Product income statement with ABM
• Customer income statement with ABM

Chapter 6: Optimising processes

• What are process indicators? 
• Efficiency and effectiveness
• Starting points for process improvement 

The training components will be tailored to your requirements, and customised to provide an optimal fit for your business.