Business Intelligence (Online Analytics)

Decision Support and Management Information Systems (DSS & MIS)

In the tradition of Decision Support & Management Information Systems (DSS & MIS), we see the primary goal in our approach in providing the management with those instruments which best support the decision-making process. These include:

  • new controlling processes,
  • state of the art IT tools,
  • automatised data processing,
  • ad-hoc response times in OLAP and
  • drilldowns to any and all detail levels.
Business Intelligence (Online Analytics)

How long do you currently have to wait for your reports?

How quickly are your sensitivity analyses and drilldowns completed?

We help you access online all data necessary for the decision-making process – at any time, and in whichever presentation format and combinational logic you choose.

This enables us to ensure that the information which you, the decision-maker, receive concerning status and alternatives in your area of responsibility is comprehensive and up-to-date.

By structuring and linking your business data we can generate information, knowledge and empirical values. We design early warning and alarm systems which are integrated into your workflows.

At the heart of our work, then, are the people who must anticipate the necessary workflows.