Project Benefits Management

The project's returns is the deciding factor.

Benefits Management Phasen

The prerequisite for successful project management is a detailed Business Case, in which anticipated times and expenditures are balanced against returns (benefits).

Influenced by changing structural conditions, it can make financial sense to bring a project to a premature closure, even if schedule and budget guidelines are being kept. This can be caused by the absence or marked reduction in expected benefits.

It is therefore important to conduct periodic monitoring of the times, expenditures, and returns throughout the entire course of the project. 

A further important factor is the communication of the change processes within the business. The aim should be to motivate everyone involved, and to ensure acceptance among those directly affected.

Benefits Management

Everyone involved in the project should clearly understand their role, and be available during the phases in which they are needed.

It should be understood that the benefits are usually only realised once a project has been completed. This means that it is important to continue monitoring even after the project's closure.

In order to continually improve project management and make sure that the project's success is transparent for all involved, it is essential that benefits and returns are traced.

This procedure motivates all involved to support the project through to its full realisation.
The corporate model can be used to measure the benefit.