Strategy and Performance Management

Has your strategy been communicated and understood within your company? Do you receive the decision support you need?

Strategie & Performance Management

Corporate Model

We hone your strategy and match the derived targets to your control instruments.

Our approach

  • We develop and communicate a consistent strategy.
  • Strategic goals are presented as measurable index figures in Score Cards.
  • The index figures are anchored in the Activity-Based Corporate Model.
  • Operative data are suitably structured and aggregated, and integrated into the Corporate Model.
  • Management decisions are made across all levels on the basis of causality.
  • The influence of operative values on your business' targets, for example the profitability, will become apparent.


  • Balanced Score Card (BSC)
  • Value-Based Management
  • Performance Management according to Gartner:
    The goal of Performance Management is a systematic and multidimensional measurement and direction of performance, as well as the pursuit of a constant improvement in individual and company-wide performance levels. Due to the inclusion of future-oriented, non-financial index figures, integrated planning and direction is understood as a continuing process.